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Peking Glass cocktail set
Antique cocktal set, most extraordinary. This cocktal set is made in Peking glass in a precious cobalt blue color; there is a bottle (shaker), and 6 glasses. All well preserved. With a decoration of a Dragon chasing the pearl. Probably from the 20th - 30th Clearly an unrepeatable pearl for collectors of Peking Glass. Height: Shaker: 25cm. Glass: 6.5 cm. Total weight: 1.2 kg. Ref. 343_18 Price €475
Horse group
Beautiful Chinese statue of two fighting horses. The two horses seem to be rather the type that was seen in China, Mongolia, Manchuria and Tibet. A smaller but very strong horse. It is made in Soapstone. Probably in the second half of the 20th century. A very interesting statue for horse lovers. Although it is soapstone, the state of conservation is excellent, with a couple of tiny notches, hardly visible. Height: 17 cm Length: 16.5 cm. Weight: 1,227 kg. Ref. 344_18 Price: €145
Soap stone Lions
A pair of antique Chinese lion figures, carved in soapstone. They are from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Excellent carvings and perfectly preserved, as you can see in the photos. Lion 1: Length: 12.5 cm. Height: 7.4 cm Lion 2: Length: 13 cm. Height: 7.8 cmTotal weight: 508 gr. Ref. 319_18 Price€150
Bol te Tibetana
Tibetan tea bowl, made of wood, and silver lined inside, these bowls / cups are typical for tea with butter, the wood made from the heart of the tree, (you can see the tree rings). In the silver you can appreciate the artisan work working the shape of the lined silver, with a hammer. At the bottom of the bowl silver embossed ring. In excellent condition with a good patina. You can buy one for € 115 or a pair of bowls for € 195 Diameter: 9.5 cm. Height: 4.5 cm Ref .: 302_18
Hoja de piedra de jab�n
A small decorative leaf-shaped soapstone plate, 19th century Qing dynasty. Details very clear, and very beautiful. Length: 13.5 cm. Width 9,5 cm. Height: 2 cm. Ref: 250_15 Price: € 100
Bufalo de piedra de Jab�n
An excellent carving of 19th century soapstone buffalo, Qing Dynasty, in perfect condition. Length: 8.3 cm. Height: 3.5 cm. Ref: 171_14 Price € 95
Talla de un inmortal
Very beautiful Chinese carving of a sage, a typical carving from the beginning of the 20th century, with its straight and clear lines. It is not jade. Height 9 cm. Width on base 4 cm. Ref: 286_16 Price: € 95
Candelabros chinos
A pair of very rare brass candlesticks, with Chinese porcelain with the typical blue / white decoration of plum blossoms. The brass part is cast in the lost wax way, the whole part can be separated, and date between 1800 - 1850, the first half of the 19th century, everything is original and in perfect condition, the porcelain is also intact. Height 23 cm. Ref: 151_13 Price: € 250
Barley twisted candelabros
Two old brass candelabra named for its shape "Barley Twisted". The candlesticks are solid brass and weigh their 875 grams. They date back to 1900-1910 and are in perfect condition apart from a few points on brass, which can be expected with old objects of this age. Height 21 cm. Ref: 198_14 Price: € 85
Mechero Masonico
Vintage lighter with Masonry symbols, the base of the lighter is solid brass, and the lighter itself is electronic, which is embedded in the base as you can see in the photos. The lighter is from the beginning of the 80, and is in perfect condition, including the lighter that only needs to put gas. Height: 7.8 cm. Width: 7.2 cm. Deep: 4,5 cm Price € 55
Vistimento masoneria
Freemasonry dress, belonging to the Scandinavian masonry, composed of a front of white lambskin, crossed band, and collar insignia, all in perfect condition, and a very rare item to find outside the lodges. Price € 180
Jaqueta masonica
College Jacket / Masonic Jacket USA.. College USA style jacket from a Masonic lodge in Brooklyn NY, Hiram Lodge # 23. Size L. The jacket is in perfect condition as you can see padded inside. Very rare to see in Europe. Price € 50
Lithograph by Margerite Fields "COWBOY", a well known American painter, The lithograph is numbered and signed 11/200 The lithograph is not framed, but already ready to be framed with the matted part. Total: 35 X 28. Image 23,4 X 19 Ref: 215_14 Price € 85
Talla de sage
Antique soapstone carving of a sage, in 19th century. In perfect condition, without any rupture or restoration. Height: 14,5 cm. Width: 8.5 cm. Ref: 207_14 Price € 145
Pareja de candelabros Victorianas
A pair of Victorian candlesticks from 1880 - 1900, has the typical diamond decoration, and with the old mechanism to expel the candle once finished. They are in perfect condition, considering their age and originality. Height 19.7 cm. Ref: 183_14 price € 95
Candelabro individual Victoriana
Single Victorian Brass candlestick 1880-1900. At one point it has been welded as you can see in the photos, the welding is very well done and it is old. Height 17.8 cm. Price € 55
Antiguo reloj frances
Antique French clock, Napoleon III style, 19th century. In bronze, the main figure is Napoleon I, the front is made of bronze. Both the front and the main figure are made in lost wax. It contains pendulum, bell to give the time and key, and works perfectly. To the lower corner behind, the leg is slightly bent inward, which would not be difficult to fix as is the part made of iron brass. But it does not affect its function, and displays well. Height 47 cm. Price: € 325
Historia de la Masoneria
The History of Masonry. Its antiques, symbols, constitutions, customs etc. From: Robert Freke Gould (1836-1915) Volumes 1 to 5, an extraordinary rare occasion to obtain this collection of 5 old books on the history of Freemasonry. A historical work, and extraordinary research, and considered his masterpiece as a recognized historian of Freemasonry. The books contain a lot of information plates of symbols, many of them in colour. All books are very well preserved, with signs of use that you can expect from 100-year-old books Price € 150
Recipiente birmana antigua
An extraordinary round box of lacquer, from Burma, early 20th century (1900-40) the box, in very good condition considering its age, apart from small signs of use it has no defect, breakage or repairs, scenes on the outside reflect court scenes, made as carved through layers of lacquer, The lacquer is applied on wooden base. Height: 9,5 cm wide: 7,5 cm. Ref: 277_16 Price: € 95
DESNUDO de Luisa Sallent
NUDE - Luisa Sallent Lithograph of the famous Catalan painter and sculptor Luisa Sallent, called Nude, Thick Paper, and the lithograph is in perfect state of preservation. Signed and numbered 111/125. Width 50 cm. Height: 64.5 cm. Price € 58