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An antique brown and tan glazed pot or jar. Possibly a Japanese Shigaraki stone ware. The ovoid pot with a decorated rim and one solitary symbol (Kanji) About 19th Century. Good condition with what appears to be a small firing flaw to the rim. 15.5cm high and 19.5cm wide. Ref: 303_18 Price: € 125
Antique and very rare octagonal Japanese Imari plate from the Meiji period 1868-1908. Beautiful colors and paneled decoration, in perfect conditions, no repair or hairlines. Diameter: 25 cm. high: 4,5 cm. Ref: 238_15 Price: € 175
Antique Japanese bowl in the Imari Palette, and from de Meiji period 19th century 1850-1899. In perfect conditions, no repair or hairlines, very lively colors. High: 6 cm. wide: 12,5 cm Ref: 231_15 Price: € 125
Antique small Japanese tea caddy , with beautiful decoration in Imary Palette colors, period Meiji 19th century. In perfect conditions, no repair or hairlines. High 11,5 cm. wide: 8 cm. Ref: 231_15 Price: € 125