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Original chinese silk painting
Original Chinese watercolor painting on silk. The painting is painted in the beginning of the 20th century, republican era (1912-1949), and sealed with a red stamp. With a silk border and framed in accordance of its time, Landscape in what may seem a Bay, with little boats with fishermen. Width: 41 cm. Height 35.4 cm. (with frame) Ref. 353_18 Price:€250
Morning Glory
Antique Japanese wood block print. Attributed to Shibata Zeshin 1890 image signed and sealed Ref: 240_15 Price € 110 ;
Bairei Kono 1880
2 Japanese wood block prints made by the artist Bairei Kono circa 1880 The image is signed and sealed by the artist. There are two engravings on the same sheet, you can divide it into two, or keep it as the original two-image on the same sheet. Image: 20.5 X 14.5 cm. (Individual) Picture of the two on the same sheet 33X24, 5 cm both engravings and handmade paper are in very good condition. Ref: 244_15 Price € 180
Painting scroll Bamboo
Japanese painting scroll an elegant scroll on paper, the painting is of branches and leaves of bamboo, contemporary, signed and sealed by the artist. Scroll in Total 108X49 Image: high: 33 cm wide 43 cm Ref: 271_16 Price € 58
Painting Scroll Japon�s
Japanese painting scroll. The painting is of a landscape, dinner with 2 women, man, the painting and the scroll in very good condition. Signed and sealed by artist. Scroll: 122X37,5 Painting: 64X28,5 Ref: 271_16 Price: € 58
Rice painting con faisanes
Antique Chinese painting on rice paper, 1850-1899 These paintings on rice paper were very popular from the beginning of the 19th century for foreigners who lived in China. Some indicating trades, landscapes cutting dinners. Today they are very scarce, for the delicate paper. This painting is of two pheasants, in a landscape. Painted with great detail and delicacy. Frame: width: 26 cm. Height: 22 cm. Image: width: 16,5 cm. Height: 11.5 cm. Ref: 283_16 Price € 240
Pintura china sobre seda
Antique/vintage Chinese painting on silk Very nice Chinese painting painted on silk, with natural motifs of flowers and butterflies. Very detailed, mounted with silk brocade, and with a very nice frame simulating bamboo. Painting signed and sealed. Painting: 15.5 X 10 cm. (Without frame) Painting with frame: 24,5 X 16,5 cm Ref: 261_16 Price € 100
Antique embrodery
Antique Chinese silk panel, hand-embroidered, Qing Dynasty, Guanxu Reign 1878-1908. The central part reflects a figure of a building in a landscape, the edges is green silk. All in excellent condition, without framing. Height: 65 cm. Width: 33cm. Ref_247_15 Price: € 240