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Chinese jewellery Box, approximately from the 20th century years 50-60, wood and brass. As you can see in the pictures, it has a drawer with a double compartment, and behind the two doors, another 4 drawers. All with silk in green tone. A very beautiful piece and very well preserved. It has only a couple of marks, what can be expected from a piece of this age and consistent with the use and age. Height: 32 cm Width: 20.5 cm. Deep: 15 cm. Weight: 7 kg. Ref : 318_18 Price: €350
Antique Japanese shrine table, which originally was used for offerings in front of the Buddhist Altar. It is still used today. It can also be used as a stand/base for a statue of a divinity. This table in particular dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. And it is very well preserved (typical of Japanese objects) made of wood, lacquer, and ornaments of a metal, all gilded, except the top that is red and black lacquer. Only the use of objects that have been placed on it in its time is noted on the surface. Length: 21 cm. Height: 11.3 cm. Deep: 11.3 cm Ref .: 309_18 Price:€240
Antique Wood plate stand, clearly hand carved hinged front and back. Measures 21 cms high at the back, and measures 8cms in between for the plate, could take a plate at least 30cms in diameter, does show some nice age to it, but still in good condition apart from a chip on back leg, but still stands fine. Ref: 297_17 price € 145
WOOD STAND OF JICHI WOOD Extraordinary stand of a noble wood called Jichi in Chinese, It is a wood normally used for furniture, and high quality stands. This stand is carved by hand as an altar table, very detailed and excellent quality details. Perfect for a statue of a Buddha. Length: 21cm Width: 7.8cm. Height: 9.5 cm. Price € 75
Small stand for netsuke's, early 20th century, wood 1900-1940 Length 4.8cm wide 3.8cm. Height 1.7 cm. Special stand for netsuke's, very rare. Ref: 241_15 Price € 28
Japanese stand. From the early 20th century, made of solid wood. Good for a figure, vase or other object. Length: 13 cm. Width: 8.5 cm. Height: 1.8 cm. Ref: 241_15 Price € 65
Stand 3 pieces. With different levels, for miniature objects, netsuke, together or separately. The large: 9,5 X 4,5X 3,5 Medium: 8,5X4X2,5 Small: 7,4X4,5X1,5 all in perfect conditions. Ref: 241_15 Price: € 50
Antique brush pot, made of bamboo, this is a rare design. In perfect condition. China 1850-1899 Height 13 cm. Width 10 cm Ref: 237_15 Price: € 125
Antique brush pot. Of bamboo, with carvings of figures, flowers and trees. China 1850-1899 Height 22 cm. Width 10 cm. Ref: 237_15 Price: € 125
Antique plate stand, for dishes up to 23 cm. Alt: from behind 20 cm. Front 7.5 cm. very good condition, no repairs. Ref: 266_16 Price € 150
ANTIQUE CHINESE TRUNK OF LEATHER (Qing Dynasty, reign Guangxù 1875-1908) or earlier Typical Chinese wedding chest, leather in dark red colour (Ox blood,), handles of original brass. Excellent for coffee table, or as furniture, which in itself is very decorative. Formerly they were very normal, but few have survived. This chest is in perfect condition, it closes and opens perfectly, commensurate of its age it has some marks of the daily use that can be expected of an antique cabinet or chest, which gives the patina of antique objects. Length: 73 cm, deep: 49 cm. Height: 34 cm. Price € 325