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Collar �tnico de Himalaya
Ethnic Tibetan / Himalayan Necklace. An impressive Tibetan / Himalayan ethnic necklace, pictures shows better than words. Length: 63 cm. Ref: 278_16 Price: € 95
Brandy amber brazelet
Brandy amber bracelet A very rare type of amber called brandy because of its colour; the pieces of amber are only slightly polished to maintain a rustic appearance to the bracelet, very typical vintage from the 60, a very unique piece. Stringed on an elastic string so its easy to take off and on. Diameter: 7 cm. weight: 23 gr. Ref: 210_14 Price: € 75
Collar Ambar
Vintage Amber Necklace, lovely Amber necklace from the 60's, with the typical Baltic amber, honey colour, the necklace is in perfect condition. Length: 48 cm. Weight 26 grams Ref: 92_13 price: € 85
Collar �tnico de Coral
Ethnic necklace with coral strips Beautiful ethnic necklace possibly from the Himalayas, with red coral strips, the coral beads are not industrial, each of them are different from pure craftsmanship, real age unknown, it may be vintage or Old, in excellent condition despite its age. Length: 55 cm. Ref: 278_16 Price: € 130
Antiguo collar de coral rojo
Antique Victorian coral necklace, made of Mediterranean coral like short branches, a natural coral and style of its time, the lock looks brass and natural of the Victorian era, works perfectly. The coral beads are graduated and measure between 5 mm and 12 mm in length. The necklace in very good condition. Length 37cm Weight 13g Ref: 265_16 Price: € 95
Collar chino a�os 20
Antique Chinese Art Deco necklace 1920-30, hard stone with a very special colour from Light green towards white / yellow, it is in totally oriental style, with a silk rope to adjust the length of the necklace, as you can see in the Photos. Rarely seen in the west. A very elegant piece that will attract attention at any time. Weight 125 gr. Ref: 20_13 Price: € 195
Collar ambar a�os 60
Vintage amber necklace from the 60's, beautiful necklace of Baltic amber. With a clear honey colour, has the typical brass lock from the 60's. In perfect conditions. Length: 44 cm. Weight: 22 grams. Ref: 210_14 Price: € 75
Antiguo collar de hueso
Antique or vintage Chinese necklace 1910-20 bone or ivory. But most likely bovine bone. Very beautiful and extraordinary, not seen very often, is in perfect condition. Length: 42 cm. Ref: 214_14 Price: € 195
Antiguo collar Kushi
Ancient Kuchi necklace. This necklace is from Afghanistan with turquoise, belong to the ethnic tribe Kuchi, or also called nomads of Afghanistan Ref: 235_15 Price: € 85
Collar afgano Kuchi
Afghan Kuchi necklace, or also called the nomads of Afghanistan, has on the central plate a turquoise, and on the beads are lapis lazuli, turquoise and other stones. Ref 255_15 Price: € 85
Colgante Kuchi
Kuchi Pendant A very old tribal pendant from the Kuchi ethnic group, also called the nomads of Afghanistan, is a piece to beautify women when they dance, with little bells that you sound with it is moved. Ref: 235_15 Price: € 85
Pendientes Afganas con coral y turquesa
Old Afghan earrings, with red coral and turquoise, very special and beautiful. Length: 6 x 4.5 cm. Ref: 253_15 Price: € 85
Anillo Afgano, con Turquesa
Afghan ring with turquoise an impressive ring with an old turquoise in the centre, very nice and striking. Ring Approx. 8 - 8.5 diameter: 18.5 mm Ref: 253_15 Price: € 85
Collar Etnico
An ethnic style necklace, very beautiful. Photos speak better than words. Length: 60 cm. Ref: 278_16 Price: € 58
Antiguo collar chino
Old Chinese necklace of a greenish stone, I do not know the stone but it is very hard, you cannot scratch with steel. Knife, but it is not jade possibly from the 1920's. Republican era 1900 – 40 Weight: 68 gr. Long. 46 cm. Ref. 263_16 Price: € 95
Antiguo Gau Tibetana
Ancient necklace and pendant, most likely a gau from Tibet or the Himalayan area. very special in the form of Lotus, with ancient turquoise inlaid, in the centre and lapis lazuli enamel as petals. Width: 5.3 cm. Ref: 259_16 Price: € 130