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Big celadon vase
A very big celadon Chinese vase from the 19th century Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) with under glaze magnolia carved decoration and on the two sites, handles of two Quilin or dragons. Absolutely stunning. And in perfect conditions, no damage or restorations. High: 43 cm. With: 21 cm. Weight: 3, 9 kg. Price €750
Blanc de Chine Gyan Gyin
Beautiful Blanc De Chine statue of Gyan Gyin, The Bodhisattva of mercy, from the Republican era 1912-1949. It is in very good condition considering the age and fragility of these statues. As you can see in the pictures, a part of the band-scarf around her was broken, but it has been professionally repaired again. The upper part of the cane is missing, but hands and basket are intact. Very rare in these statues. Height: 19.5 cm. Ref. 356_19 Price €185
Antique green Jarr
An antique 18th century, or earlier Chinese green glazed jar, what is called popular porcelain, for its daily use, the body is a fine grained stoneware, With a thick green enamel glaze falling from the top to the bottom where it ends just before, forming a thicker glaze, darker in colour. The glaze slightly qraquelé. Height: 13 cm Width: 12 cm. Weight: 548 gr. Ref. 355_18B price €165
Rep. Jarr and lid
Miniature Famille Rose Jar A miniature jar with lid, in the Famille Rose style, from the Republican era 1912-49, the scene is a woman and a child in a Garden. Very well executed with a lot of elegance. The piece is intact, something rare when it has a lid. Height 7.5 cm Weight: 122 gr. Ref. 355_18 A Price €75
Ming brush washer
Antique Chinese celadón jar or brush washer, stoneware base with a fine grained body. Covered in a thick celadón glaze floating downwards to the foot rim. The glaze with a qraquelure surface. Quite a heavy item for its size. Maybe Ming or early Qing Dynasty. High: 8 cm. Width: 11, 5 cm. Weight: 431 gr. Ref. R01_18 Price:€285
Early Qing d. bowl
Antique Chinese bowl early 19C, Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) rice or soup Bowl, with creamy gray enamel, and cobalt drawings. In excellent condition, with only a small hair line, as you can see in one of the photos. Width: 15.8 cm. Height 7.5 cm Ref. R02_18 Price:€145
Henan stoneware vesel
Antique stoneware vessel-pot, possibly produced in the Henan province, where this type of domestic utensils was produced. 19th century Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) this is a very robust item and quite heavy. The body has a very dark brown to blackish glaze. Which in the sunlight has small reflections as if they were gold? Also glazed inside. Conservation status is very good, with the marks commensurate for its age. Height: 26 cm Width: 19 cm. Weight: 2,150 kg. Ref. 350_18 Price €250
Antique Canton Plate
Antique Chinese Cantonese plate, named after the harbour-city where this type of porcelain was loaded. Painted in blue-white under glaze, with a washed cobalt colour, in the centre a scene of a pavilion, and someone passing on the bridge. A blue border with 3 motifs, another border of rain drops, and finally a blue border. A handmade plate, not made in a mould. (concentric rings in the plate) Preserved in perfect conditions, without repairs, or restorations. There is only one point in the white glaze, from the production (oven) this dish is from the first half of the 19th century. Diameter: 24.5 cm. Ref. 348_18 price: €175
2 Jarrones rep.
Two stunning vases from the republican era (1912-49) of excellent quality. and in the style of their time. The main image is in Famille Rose, a bird sitting on a branch with peony flowers. Painted on the glaze and of very good quality. The borders painted in dark brown on the glaze and corresponding to the designs of the time. On the back a calligraphy, or poem with its seals. Fine and fine-grained porcelain. They have their corresponding original pedestals. Height without stand: 17 cm. With stand: 19,8 cm. Ref. 341_18 Price €445
2 Jarrones grandes
Two impressive large Chinese vases, made in family rose / verte style, but in this case corresponds to the the republic era (1912-49) two survivors of very good quality. The mirror images are scenes seen through a window, one of the garden with a woman and a child. And the other image, a woman with a sage and her assistant. On the base the manufacturer's seal. Condition: In perfect condition, no ruptures or repairs. Height: 32 cm Weight of each of the vases 1.86 kg. Ref. 332_18 Price €950
Antique kangxi ginger jar
Antique Chinese ginger jar, Kangxi style but probably later, as from the beginning of the 19th century. With prunus flowers and a dark cobalt blue as ground colour. It has two circles at the bottom, Condition: excellent without ruptures, hairlines or restoration. Height: 14 cm Ref. 339_18 Price €200
Storage jarr
Antique storage jar, with its original lid and an internal lid. A piece decorated in blue under glaze, and peony floral designs, the body of the porcelain is of a very fine white grain, Possibly from the first half of the 19th century (Qing Dynasty 1644-1908) Condition: very good. Without restoration or hairlines. Height: 17 cm Width: 13 cm. Weight: 0.68 kg. Ref. 340_18 Price €280
Celadon leaping deer vase
Antique Chinese celadon leaping deer vase, an extremely nice and well preserved 19th century celadon vase. With secret pattern moulded on the fine grained body, before the celadon glaze was applied. Indicating a landscape scene with trees, mountains, Lingzhi fungus, and a deer in the forest. Condition: excellent, no hairlines, no repairs or restoration. High: 27, 8 cm. Ref 335_18 Price: €225
Famille Rose Spoon tray
Antique famille Rose ogival spoon tray, enamelled in a pink rose ground color, with intricately floral design. In the center a medallion with a peony flower. The sites have garden scenes with birds and peonies. A very rare survivor of its time. A very fine grained body. Early to mid 19th century Condition: in very good condition. Only a very few minuscular flakes to the rose enamelled part on the border. Long: 12 cm. wide: 8 cm. Ref: 333_18 Price:€155
Reticulated flover vase
Antique Ding ware Jar Extraordinary piece from the kilns of the Ding or Ting (Chinese pinyin: Díngcí) produced in the prefecture of Dingzhou in Hebei, northern China. Kilns that produced between the Tang and Yan dynasty in imperial China. The piece is in perfect condition, with its original lid, and with the typical enamel used at this time. Height with lid 14.5 cm. Width: 11 cm. Weight 507 gr. Ref 330_18 Price €680
Reticulated flover vase
A very beautiful six-sided Chinese vase (hexagonal), with the panels reticulated, decorated and hand painted in blue under glaze. Decorative and elegant. Height 18 cm. Diameter: 10 cm Ref: 323_18 Price €145
An exceptional antique Chinese bowl, with a design called „Laughing Twins„ a transition between Ming and Qing. Possibly from a local factory. A stoneware base with a very fine grain, and gray celadon glaze, and blue decoration. It seems to be from a shipwreck. But is perfectly preserved. Diameter: 12.4 cm. Height: 5.5cm Ref: 315_18 Price €180
B/W ogee bowl
Antique Chinese celadon bowl in a cream color with under glaze blue floral decoration. It has a shape known as ogee, because of the rounded base. Possibly from the beginning of the 19th century. Corresponds with examples rescued from shipwrecks with the same design and shape. This piece has signs of having been from a shipwreck too. But it is in very good condition. Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) Width: 18 cm. Height: 6.5 cm Ref .: 321_18 Price €145
Guan Tin figure
Exceptional antique figure of Guan Yin, from the 18th 19th century, possibly used as a funeral figure, has a thick turquoise and aubergine glaze typical of the Kang Xi period, and the face unglazed, but still with a very vivid expression, very beautiful and serene . Height 10 cm. Width at the base 4 cm. Ref: 317_18 price €180
Cricket case
Antique vase or porcelain reticulated cricket cage. This type of pieces was used for crickets, but for its wide opening, it may also have been for a candle, or flowers, 19th century Qing dynasty (1644-1911). B/W porcelain. In perfect condition. No ruptures, no restorations. The reticulated part in perfect conditions as well. Height: 8.8 cm Width 9.5 cm. Ref.: 313_18 price €145
Bonsai Planter
Large antique Chinese stoneware dragon bowl / bonsai planter, glazed with a thick deep green glaze, and raised on four short feet. The sides of the bowl have raised moulded dragons and the well is pierced in two places, for drainage. Base is un-glazed. This is Ming in style but may be Kangxi or later. Condition: Good. General wear and chip to foot. A very rare piece to find in such good conditions. The piece is 10 cm high (approx 4 inch.) and 35 cm long. Weight 2,4 kg. Ref: 305_18 Price €780
Qing Bai bowl
Antique stoneware bowl from the Song dynasty, called Qingbai approximately between the 1100-1200 centuries, base fine grain, with a cream celadon glaze, the edge unglazed, technique used to fire the pieces upside down, a copper or silver edge was then added for daily use. This piece is from a shipwreck, but in perfect condition without ruptures, hairlines or restoration. Width: 15 cm. Height: 4 cm. Ref: 306_18 price €295
Antiguo Tetera Chino
Antique Chinese fine porcelain teapot, with swing metal handles, decorated in under glaze blue with loose flower design to a white ground. The teapot is small, the typical individual teapots, export seal to base, for export permit. Probably dating late 1800s. Comes with a previous owner's receipt. Bought in Hong Kong 1991. The Cover has a very small and old chip, and small hair line on the base, apart from that in excellent condition for its age. Overall length: 13.5 cm. Ref: 301_17 price: €280
Antique Tek Sing Food bol
Antique Chinese white glazed food bowl unusually still showing the enamel polychrome decoration to well and outside of bowl.The Tek Sing or "True Star" which was a large ship for its time. It was made famous by the legendary modern salvager Captain Mike Hatcher who found the ship with the aid of his own ship "The Restless M" along with his historian partner Nigel Pickford. Tek Sing sank in the South China Sea in 1822 after hitting a reef with around 1,600 souls on board aged between 6 and 70 years old, 200 of which were the crew, taking even more lives than the Titanic 90 years later. The Tek Sing was carrying around 350,000 pieces of Chinese porcelain that were sold at the Nagel Auction House in Stuttgart, Germany. The bowl carries the original Nagel Auction sticker Condition: Very Good. Slight manufacture dent to rim. Surface wear. The piece is approx 16 cm in diameter (approx 6,25") Ref: 297_17 € 150
YongChen sigl 18
Antique Chinese blue and white export porcelain dish. 18th century Qing Dynasty. As you could expect from such an antique dish, it has some flea bites around the border on the back, but in general in good condition as you can see in the photo, no repairs or broken parts. Diameter 23.5 cm. Height 3 cm. Ref: 249_15 Price € 175
Antiguo plato chino siglo 18
Beautiful antique Chinese dish from the 18th century with the Imari palette colours, possibly from the Yongzhen reign period, 1722-35 or beginning of Chi'ing Lung 1735-96 For the fact that the Famille Rose replaced the Imari palette about 1745 and onwards. The dish is deep and has a small hairline as you can see in the photos, but the sound is still clean. The motif is garden with peony flowers in rusty red. Border in blue "Blue Trellis" Width: 19 cm. Height: 3.8 cm. Ref: 281_16 Price: € 175
Brush washer
Antique Chinese export butter dish from the 19th century. This type of dishes was part of the tableware, and was used for butter according to the book "Chinese Export Porcelain - Standard Patterns and forms, 1780-1880, page167 image 451". It is not very common to find these dishes in such good condition, due to the fact that they broke easily, because of its small size. This type of plates was only found in very important services. The dish is in perfect condition, with only a little bit of craquéele in the glaze. Width 7 cm. Height 2.5 cm Ref: 219_14 Price of €58
Caja de Maquillaje
Very nice makeup box, Qing Dynasty, Reign Guangxu (1868-1908) or earlier 19th century. This piece is in 3 parts, it is possible that previously it has been in 4, the 3 pieces are in perfect condition without ruptures, restoration etc. Fine porcelain with translucent enamel, and enamel decoration above the main enamel, garden scenes at the top, and on the sides insects and flowers etc. These boxes usually do not survive intact, as they were for daily use. Therefore it is a rare example of survival. Diameter: 9 cm. Height 9.4 cm. Price: €95
Jarron miniature
An extraordinary Chinese Qing Dynasty jar/vase, 19th century, In China, miniature vases were made as exact copies of the large ones. These Miniatures are today an object of great interest to collectors all over the world. They look like if they were made for doll houses, but they are not. Marked at bottom, with the seal of the reign of Emperor Kang xi Height 6, 6 cm wide 5, 7 cm Ref: 246_16 Price € 80
Alms Bowl
Antique Alms bowl early 19th century, a bowl possibly intended for Buddhist monks, for food collection (Alms Bowl). The bowl is heavily potted, and covered with thick red-pink enamel, ending just before the bottom. In perfect condition, no repairs or broken parts. Very rare to find in the antique market. Width: 15 cm. Height: 8.5 cm. Ref: 290_17 Price: € 350
Bol din. Song/yang
Extraordinary Song / Yang BOWL. The bowl is larger than normal, and unlike this period, which normally is stoneware, this bowl is red clay, in addition as you can see, that it has a floral disign, the base of the enamel in green tone, and drawings in a darker tone . Extraordinary piece of provincial pottery. Width 17 cm. Height 7,50 cm. Ref: 193_14 Price: € 225
Jarron din. Song
Small bottle from the Song Dynasty (960-1279) A daily utensil, which rarely survives the time, may have been used for a type of rice wine, or aromatic oil. The body is stoneware, with gray enamel, running down the body, and stops perfectly before the bottom. A shipwreck, in general in very good condition, but it has got small cracks on one side of the bottle. Height 8.4 cm. Width: 12 cm. Ref: 193_14 Price: € 295
Plato Tek Sing
Antique Chinese blue and white bowl,  recovered from the 1822 Tek Sing Cargo wreck. The Tek Sing or "True Star" was a big ship for its time. It became famous by the legendary Captain Mike Hatcher who found the ship with his own ship "The Restless M" along with his companion and historian Nigel Pickford. In excellent condition for its 190 years at sea, no cracks, hairlines or repairs. Width: 18,6 cm Ref: 232_15 Price € 220
Plato Tek Sing
Antique small spice dish from the shipwreck Tek Sing (1822), Painted with free hand in under glazed blue, under translucent enamel, it has got a bit of incrustations at the base, and a small part on the edge missing, actually in very good condition for its 190 years at sea. It has its NAGEL label, auctions, and its catalogue number. Diameter: 9 cm. Height: 2 cm. Ref: 270_16 Price: € 95
Urna funeria Song
An extraordinary funerary urn from the SONG dynasty, 1000-1200, this urn is a piece rescued from a shipwreck, has never been used. In excellent condition considering the time in the sea before being rescued, Enamel is greenish celadon, the body stoneware. At the top is stylized decoration of a dragon and other objects, a rare piece for collectors. Height: 33 cm. Weight: 2.5 kg. Ref: 269_16 Price: € 680
Vasija Dinastia Ming
An exceptional vessel from the Ming Dynasty, this type of vessels were used in kitchens and / or warehouses for the storage of cereals, oils, water etc. These vessels were produced in large quantities in Cizhou and Swatow, The vessel in question has its typical enamel in cream, on which it has been painted by free hand and with brooch, drawings of bamboo, and other plants, in a possibly sepia colour in Its origin, but now in dark brown tone, both enamel and drawings are typically from Cizhou and Swatow. Very difficult to find these days, because these simple kitchen utensils have not survived easily, In excellent state of preservation, No repairs, ruptures or cracks, height: 54 cm. Width: 32 cm. Price € 2,500
Antique vase from the 19th century, with a thick layer of enamel in celadon glaze, the enamel runs down the body of the vase, and stops just at the end, in perfect conditions without rupture, repairs or restorations. I am not completely sure if it is from China or Korea. Ref: 291_17 Price € 350