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Dharmapala mil brazos
Dharmapala with 1000 arms. Standing on a lotus throne, and with the right leg stepping on a beast, and with the left leg stepping on a Devil. Dressed in what you can think of is a Sampot. His two main hands, he carries on the right an alms bowl, and the left raised to grant gifts. In the lower right hand is a Trishula (trident − symbolizing Buddha-Dharma and Sangha) In the other two upper right hands a Damaru, and a Sword (Khadga). In the lower left hand grasping the tail of the devil, and in a superior hand a sceptre. All surrounded by a halo of flames. The halo can be taken of. A very special and very rare Dharmapala. Possibly late 18th century, beginning of 19th century. Weight: 1,280 kg. Height with aura 24 cm. Without the aura: 19 cm. Width: 15 cm. Ref. 347_18 Price €850
11 head avalokiteshvara
Impressive Avalokiteshvara with eleven faces and 1000 arms (8 visible arms) Made in bronze Kashmir style. The Bodhisattva stands on a double lotus throne, a carpet hanging below. Dressed in light body tight clothing, cashmere style, and wearing rich jewellery and triple crowned head ornament. The faces are arranged in a pyramid of three levels with three heads in each level. On top of which there is a terrifying head. On top of the pyramid an Amitabha head with ushnisha. This image of Avalokiteshvara is derived from chapter 24 of the Lotus Sutra. His two main hands come together in the form of salutation. The other hands on the right hold a rosary, a wheel of the Dharma, and make the last gesture of granting gifts. The three hands to the left hold a white lotus flower, a bow and arrow, and the last a jug of holy water. In its surroundings you can see the remains of the 1000 arms in a circle. It is an extraordinary and very old image, although it is very difficult to set an exact age. It has a very nice patina. Height: 41 cm Width: 25 cm. Weight: 2.413 gr. Ref: 336_18 Price €2,400
Antique Mongolian Thanka
Antique Mongolian Thanka, possibly from the beginning of the 20th century, pre-communist era. The Image reflects Vajradhara and Prajñaparamita − Father and Mother sitting on a lotus throne on pillows of the sun and the moon, Vajradhara is considered as a primordial Buddha. He is sitting in the posture of the father-mother union with his female consort. In his left hand he holds the bell, and in the right the vajra. The fusion of compassion and wisdom, the tantric path. She holds in her left hand a cranial bowl full of ambrosia, as a symbol of purification, and in the right hand a knife to cut off ignorance. They are surrounded by masters of the lineage of the Gueluk monastic order. All placed in a celestial landscape with Rivers Mountains and clouds. Condition: painted on cotton, it has been bent over, so it has marks as a horizontal and vertical line. Possibly to hide it away during the communism. With other marks commensurate with its age, and use. It is unframed. Height 56 cm. Width 37.8 cm. Ref: 307_18 price €480
Antiguo Garuda Buda
MAGNIFICENT GARUDA BUDDHA See the images I think they speak for themselves ... An incredible specimen of a Garuda Buddha of the 19th century, with body and arms of man, wings and face of bird. The quality of the figure is excellent - the details still crisp - finely fused. Overall in very good condition - great patina. Height: 17.5 cm. Width: 19 cm. Weight: 750 grams. Ref: 254_15 Price: € 295€
Buda Thai de madera
Beautiful Thai wood Buddha, early 20th century, a carving full of details. Alt: 32 cm. Base width: 20 cm. Deep base: 9 cm. Ref: 268_16 price: € 225
Antiguo Buda de bronce
Sokhothai Buddha. Impressive early 19th century or earlier bronze Buddha from Thailand, A very beautiful patina, lots of details. The statue with minor defects from its use, typical of its age. Height: 30 cm. Width: 20 cm. Deep 11 cm. Weight: 1.7 kg. Price: € 490
Buda Tibetana
An extraordinary Buddha Shakyamuni, bronze, silver and gold, very detailed, and with a mantra on the back, 19th or early 20th. Century. Origin Tibet. The statue is closed at the bottom and stamped with a double vajra, and therefore prepared for religious Mahayana Buddhist rites. Height 15 cm. Weight: 647 grams. Ref: 254_15 Price: € 430
Antiguo Buda Khmer
A KHMER BUDDHA. An impressive bronze statue. A rare example of Khmer Buddha, sitting atop of the snake's body, The Naga has five heads. The serpent rises to the left of the Buddha. The Buddha's decision to renounce worldly possessions is represented here by the elongated lobes of the ears. The statue is in excellent condition, with a greenish brown acquired patina. Height of the statue: 164 mm. Width: 185 mm. Weight of the statue of 958 grams. Ref: 230_15 Price: € 490
Pequeño Guan Yin de bronce
A small bronze Guan Yin statue, most likely from the beginning of the 20th century. It's a typical example of a bodhisattva made for amulets or travel. This Guan Yin is closed and sealed at the bottom with a seal of a double vajra. Prepared to be used for Mahayana Buddhist rites. High: 8 cm. Ref: 291_17 Price: € 75
Antique Tibetan Thanka
Antique Tibetan Thanka A very beautiful and extraordinary Tibetan Thanka, Gouache on linen, framed with Chinese silk. Representing Buddha Shakaymuni, seated on the lion throne, with his two main disciples, and flanked by different deities and symbols. Gautama touching the earth as a witness, and with the bowl - patra in his left hand, indicating head of a monastic order. Above Buddha, sun and moon, and covered by the Chattra - parasol that protects against all bad. A very detailed Thanka, and full of symbolism. In the part behind it is signed, and consecrated with the eternal knot. Height: 75 cm. Width: 35 cm. Image - Height: 36 cm. Width: 23.4 cm. Ref: 293_17 Price: € 425
Thanka de Manjushri
Manjushri Thanka, made as a Lithography printed on paper, painted by Andy Weber, and published by Tharpa Publications in 1985. In perfect condition and printed on acid-free paper. Thanka Total 56, 8 cm. X 41, 8 cm. Image: 39,5 cm. X 31,4 cm. Price € 38
Shri Kalachakra Mandala
Shri Kalachakra Mandala a poster made from a sand Mandala made by Tibetan monks in New York Natural Museum. Very good poster quality, but with typical age ware, without ruptures or damages, nor anything else harming the image. Mandala: 54X34 Price: € 28