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incensario chino de bronce
Fabulous antique Chinese bronze censer, late 19th century. Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) The censer is hexagonal in shape. With different images in each part. Supported by 3 feet with archaic masks. On the lid there is a Lion or Kilin. State of conservation is very good, with its corresponding signs of use, typical for an antique item object. Height: 14.8 cm. Width: 9 cm. Weight: 682 gr. Ref. 358_19 Price €285
incensario chino de bronce
Small Chinese bronze censer, probably mid-twentieth century. On both sides with floral decoration and two birds. The two handles formed by two dragons, and on the lid a Kilin. For its size very suitable for a personal altar. In very good state of preservation without ruptures, cracks or defects, commensurate with its age and use. Length: 11 cm (without handles) Height: 14 cm. (with Lid) Deep: 7.5 cm. Weight: 578 gr. Ref. 342_18 Price: €185
Antiguo incensario chino de bronce
Extraordinary piece of an antique Chinese censer of cast bronze, and with a very special shape in the form of a bowl. The piece is very old as it can be seen, possibly MING of (Chén-té 1506-1521) but it is your own responsibility to make their own conclusions. The seal is difficult to read, and is part of the cast, the seal is surrounded by two archaic dragons. It has a small knock on one side, and on the foot ring there is a very old repair, possibly made at the time of the casting itself. Diameter: 25, 5 cm. Height: 14.5 cm. Weight: 1,826 kg. Ref.: 316_18 Price €1.200
Antiguo incensario chino de bronce o laton
An antique Chinese bronze or brass censer, I'm not too sure about the metal. It has the shape of a bowl, on the edge a Greek frieze, and below it, chinese symbols and dragons engraved profusely. You can appreciate the artisan work in the engravings. In excellent state of conservation, although in the interior is noted the use, marks conmensurateted with age as expected. Weight 297 gr. Width: 11.5 cm. Height: 5.8 cm Price €125
Antiguo incensario chino de bronce
Beautiful bronze censer, with two heads of Kilin (Quilin, Chinese mythical animal with a lion's body, fish skin and deer horns) it is said to appear in conjunction with the arrival of a sage. It is a good omen that brings rui (in Chinese: Pinyinrui, serenity and prosperity) Precious in its simplicity, and elegance Diameter: 11.5 cm High: 9 cm Ref: 280_16 Price: €185
Vishnu con 4 cabezas
Vishnu with 4 heads. An impressive Vishnu with 4 heads, with typical Khmer dress. Vishnu presents himself in this very rare statue in the Pranamasana posture, sitting on a lotus flower base. The hair collected with a crown style ushnisha, from the Khmer era The statue is of high quality piece Height 13, 7 cm Weight 367 gr. Ref: 230_15, Price: € 230
Vishnu con 11 cabezas
VISHNU FROM ANGKOR WAT IN CAMBODIA SPECIAL OFFER stunning and original bronze statue of a Vishnu with 11 heads, this beautiful statue is beautifully cast with absolutely breathtaking details. The 11 faces represent the moment of enlightenment, True comprehension and perfect knowledge. The hair is collected and a crown headdress in style (Ushnisha) Khmer tunic, Sampot, which falls between the legs. Height: 14,2 cm Weight: 320 gr. Ref: 234_15, Price: €125
UMA la consorte de SHIVA
'Uma' the god Shiva's consort, is also sometimes known as Parvati. She is represented on foot, carrying a vessel of water on her head. She is standing on a square base, decorated with geometric motifs (a Khmer peak detail). The image is extraordinarily simple, but very elegant. She wears an ankle-length dress 'sampot' a traditional Khmer tunic. The statue has a dark almost black tone, with the underlying bronze that can be seen in different parts, giving a very attractive finish. A very beautiful statue and rare and in very good condition, Height: 14 cm. Weight: 147 grams . Ref: 272_15 Price: €180